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Fermented Black Carrot & Turnip Juice

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Our Home Made “Bedish Fermented Black Carrot & Turnip Juice” is a Natural, Gluten Free ( certified ), Sugar Free, Vegan & Vegetarian juice produced by fermenting black carrot, turnip, water and Rock salt.  Absolutely “ No preservatives “ …

Our family’s secret recipe is an unique methodology, combining carrots and turnips together to produce this fermented beverage called Şalgam drink.

Şalgam is a very famous accompaniment to food from the southern Turkey region called Çukurova.

Particularly known benefits of Şalgam, passed down from our ancestors over the years are; supporting a balanced digestive system, stabilising low blood pressure, a remedy for dehydration, and for people who suffer with Alzheimer’s.

We now produce Şalgam, in our council approved kitchen here in London, and our product has been certified by Eurofins Food testing Laboratory as Gluten Free. We only use ingredients sourced from the mainland UK to ensure traceability.

Other Benefits Of Şalgam;

A natural Antioxidant,
A natural Probiotic,
Helps the Treatment of Arthritis, Rich in Vitamin Groups A,B & C,
Stabilises low blood pressure,
Aids in Digestion and Weight loss,
Improves Vision.

As Bedish Artisan Foods we aim to  produce products that are good for health, and help maintain a balanced diet.

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Fermented Black Carrot & Turnip Juice (Şalgam Drink)

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